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Today: Feb 19, 2018
TCCC Newsletter


The Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care is currently gearing up for the 2011 legislative session.  Stay up-to-date, find out how you can support Texas patients and veterans.

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For more than a decade now, many suffering Texans have tried, unsuccessfully, to open the hearts of legislators; and enact legislation to both afford and protect medical marijuana patients. Many times asking merely to be able to tell the truth about why cannabis, a natural and non-toxic medicine used for thousands of years, relieves their suffering  to a jury of their peers in court.

Texas is a historically compassionate State, known nationwide for its big hats, big Tex, and even bigger hearts. We ask that you help us finally legislate the expressed will of the majority of the Citizens of the Great State of Texas, and allow our sick, our dying, our veterans, our spouses,  our parents,  our families, and ourselves a truly safe and effective medication for a variety of severely debilitating disorders.

Because, what if it were someone YOU love?


Newsletter Archives

  • 2010   ( 7 Articles )

    There is a new team in town.

    First we want to thank Stephen Betzen for putting to the group elections.  We understand deeply the work that entails trying to get this back up and running and keeping Texans informed on the progress that is happening in Austin.  Please be patient as we get this going again.

  • 2009   ( 5 Articles )

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