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Today: Feb 19, 2018

About TCCC



Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care was formed to educate the public and lawmakers regarding facts related to the benefits of marijuana for certain patients. At the core of our mission is advancing compassion for the sick and dying through education and advocacy regarding medical cannabis for qualified patients.

Operating Principles

The Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care (TCCC) is a non-profit, totally volunteer organization advocating for communities, families, clinicians, and caregivers who daily care for our sick, pained, and dying, the safe access to physician recommended cannabinoid medicines.

Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care has no other interest, nor does the organization have any opinion, stated or unstated, about any issue other than therapeutic cannabis. All educating, lobbying, communication, and any other endeavors of Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care are limited to the sole issue of Marijuana as Medicine!

TCCC's policy does not permit the endorsement of any political party or candidate.


The Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care is well named, as the tenets of basic respect and compassion for suffering patients and veterans are the guiding forces behind all the decisions we make and the actions we take on their behalf. Among the core values that guide our process are:

  • A resolve to always place people first and work to address patient needs
  • The need for safe access to medical marijuana while protecting our communities
  • The importance of legal protections for doctors, patients and caregivers
  • The value of community education regarding medical cannabis and patient care

Our organization was formed to educate the public and lawmakers and to increase awareness of the facts related to the benefits of marijuana for certain patients and veterans.


The Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care seeks to be an integral part of creating laws, programs, and support services for patients who would both qualify and benefit from the medical use of cannabis. We additionally strive to become a source of information and education through our website, publications, speakers and network of supporting organizations. Specifically, we seek to create a framework for patients' legal protections to use medical marijuana when recommended by a medical professional. Additionally we work to secure patients and caretakers rights to possess and manufacture medical marijuana when their doctors deem that it's benefits outweigh the risks for the patient. The coalition also works to facilitate the creation of a secure distribution system for medical marijuana in the state of Texas for safe and legal access for qualified Texas patients and Veterans. This system must be secure and separate from the black market for the safety of patients and the community at large.


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